Consult the Sun hardware platform document to determine which Linux releases are supported on your specific host platform. This chapter contains the following topics:. Consult the Sun hardware platform document to determine which Windows releases are supported on your specific host platform. Remove the cover from the chassis of the system. The required Solaris patches are available for download at:.

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The array has four bonded PHYs. At the ok prompt, type the probe-scsi-all command to verify that the system recognizes the HBA.

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This chapter describes driver requirements and utility software for the supported operating systems. The SunVTS software is also available for download at:. If no problems occur, stop the SunVTS software. Click the browser’s Back button to return to the previous page. This chapter describes how to install the HBA, test the installation, and boot from a disk drive connected to the HBA.

To Download and Install the Linux Hab.

Click to select and download the corresponding Readme file for the Linux driver, and follow the instructions in the Readme to complete the driver installation. Note – If problems occur, contact your service provider for assistance. As superuser, open the SunVTS window. Print or save the patch instructions from the browser window.


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Become a root user and type hbs format command. Replace the system cover, and reconnect the power cord s and any network cables. Otherwise, use the init 0 command. Use the Solaris raidctl utility to upgrade firwmware.

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Observe the following precautions to avoid ESD-related problems:. This chapter contains the following sections:. Hit any key to reboot.

The probe-scsi-all command displays the SCSI devices that are connected to the host, as shown in the following screen example. The HBA hardware installation is complete. Under Firmware, click to download the firmware zip file and corresponding Readme file.

This hva shows two SAS controllers. You can get an ESD wrist strap from any reputable electronics store or from Oracle as part npt When prompted, type the number of the disk drive that is attached to the HBA card you just installed and press Enter. Decrease the numeric value to change the boot order. If you have disconnected the power cable, reconnect it. See the man pages or the Oracle Solaris documentation for more information about these commands.


To Prepare for Hardware Installation. Before you start, read the instructions in this section as well as the installation nba for the storage devices to be connected to the HBA. Under Downloads, click Recommended and Security Patches. Type analyze to select the type of test.

Install the bracket screw, when present, or engage the retention mechanism on the system to secure the HBA to the chassis of the system. To inform any mounted users that the system will be going down, use the shutdown command.

To exit this screen, press the Escape key. The first sas 2 is the SAS controller resident on the motherboard. Type read to further define the type of test, and then type y to continue.