I first started the laptop up before I plugged in the burner to make sure that the New Hardware Found prompt would pop up. Read Chip – This will perform the action of reading the chip. There are two approaches to creating proper chips for use with switching adapters, both equally valid:. Once you have unzipped the files, go ahead and plug in the burner. Check and make sure the chip is inserted firmly in the socket. Once everything is installed, go and download Tuner Pro located on Moates.

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Using the Flash & Burn

If you see this, you are DONE and the chip is programmed correctly! Program Chip – This will perform the action of programming the chip. Fire up our Flash n Burn software. For more information, see “Advanced Addressing”. One cable needed and it’s included in the bundle. If this test passes, you can be confident that the chip was programmed correctly. The following table summarizes what offsets you need to use depending on chip used and file size: Switching adapters which hold multiple programs require the use of offsets to fit multiple programs on a single chip for a switching adapter.

If you are sure your chips are not fake, contact us for further nurn. Programming chips with offsets comes into play in two situations:. Some adapters have chips which can hold more tunes than there are address lines for switching.


You need to make sure the program you put in the chip ends up in the top end of the chip, so these settings matter. Once you have restarted the CPU, you have to double-check some stuff to make sure everything is tip top shape.

Von Dutch thanks for the flxsh Von Dutch! I thank Luti for all his help so pretty much this is his write-up in my words so enjoy. Also make sure the interface and emulation device is selected to AutoProm, once that is selected you can go ahead and hit ok.

Flash & Burn Program for BURN1/2/Jaybird+APU1

When in the software: Erase Chip – Pressing this will erase the entire contents of the chip from beginning to end. It reads the chip contents from the specified “Chip Addressing” fields and places them at the beginning of the buffer. Go to control panel and open the system icon. The buffer is then burned to the chip. He walked me through all these steps as I wrote for you. Select the chip you are burning in the top scroll bar.

Both of these cases will be covered in this article. To File – To read a chip to a file: In most cases, the software will automatically set these for you.


Flash N Burn « Moates Support

Chip Offsets With a Single Tune: While the correct values are often selected, you can manually enter them. We will be selecting the correct buffer and chip addressing to ensure the chip is burned properly and can be used. Once you do have it on a COM supported, go back to the port setting tab and then select the Bits Anc Second tab and change it from to then moaates okay this is optional.

Once everything is installed, go and download Tuner Pro located on Moates. Before you pop in the usb cable, be sure to download the usb files off of the moates. Once you download and miates this program, I suggest you restart your machine before proceeding.

If it fails the blank check, try another chip.

Try another chip purchased from us, xenocron. After all the stuff is done, you are now finally ready to open TunerPro or the standalone Flash-N-Burn program.