Then attach the raised needle plate by securely tightening the screws in place. If the cap has a braid, move it around the cap to the inside and under the brim. This will make hooping and sewing the cap much easier. You may now remove the cap frame from the gauge. To adjust the cap frame strap, loosen the two wing nuts on the caps left side. To remove the cap from the cap frame after embroidery is complete, unlatch the cap frame strap from the support by pressing on the metal at the end of the strap adjacent to the latch as shown.

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Hooping a Cap with the XTS Wide Angle Cap Frame

Some caps may require this. Later installations should not require this step. The brim should be pushed against the bill-stop on the frame. The space should be enough for the card sbut no more.

Amaya Melco Wide Angle Cap Frame 34036

Slide the cap onto the cap frame with the visor facing upward and toward the rear. Hook the latch on the strap into the hook on the latch post. For example, “Graphite CCF”. Unscrew fframe and remove the arms. The cap is now ready to be placed on the cap frame driver on the machine. Slide the cap frame onto the gauge, making certain the locating tab on the vap gauge fits into the cap frame’s notch, and the cap frame slips firmly under the two roller clips.


Then, slide the lower support shaft out of the t-channel and off the machine. Re-tighten the wings nuts while holding the fraem tight against the cap. To adjust the cap frame strap, loosen the two wing nuts on the caps left side.

While pressing the cap material, snap a clip over frake clip posts. A few drops of sewing machine oil should be applied to the lower support shaft prior to the initial installation of the driver ring assembly.

Installing the Red Wide Angle Driver

Push melfo on the middle of the cap frame strap at the top to seat it around the sweat band. Orient the clip handles towards the caps back.

Look at the inside of the cap to make sure the backing is not bunched as well as covers the area to be embroidered. If attached, remove the hoop arms from the machine.

Obtain the cap and turn the sweat band completely out as shown. On the front of the cap, the teeth of the strap should fall into the seam for the brim. If there is not, then the cap frame strap has either not been positioned correctly or is too loose. Using a visor csp is optional, and one is not included with the CCF cap frame option.


Flatten the bill as much as possible. This will ensure the entire cap sewing field has backing.

Slide the shaft support mount into the lower arm extrusion and toward the back of the machine until it contacts the hard stop. It is also beneficial, but not necessary, to move the machine to either needle 8 or needle 9. See the hoop selection mflco for specifics. When using this raised needle plate, you may encounter an increase in noise level. When the left side of the cap is within the strap’s hinge post, swing the strap up and over the cap cao.

Loosen the knobs of the lower shaft support until the top of screws are flush with the t-nut. At this point, it may need to be folded a bit to fit in the frame. Push back on the visor to hold it against the plate at the front of the cap frame strap. If the cap has a piece of cardboard, remove it and smooth the sweatband out as much as possible.

To make hooping fast and easy, use the cap gauge supplied in the Wide Angle Cap Frame option.