If a cordless mouse appeals to you for other reasons, though – for controlling your lounge-room or business-presentation PC from across the room, for instance, or just because you hate cables – then the MX isn’t a budget priced option, but it’s a sleek, stylish, well-made one that works well, given the abovementioned MouseWare limitations. Here in Australia, the ‘s available now, and the and should be along shortly. It costs more, yes, but you can’t have everything. The batteries and extra electronics give the a weight of about grams, versus about grams for the MX plus a few inches of its cable. Basically, I’ve been able to really put the MX through the wringer. Which, if any, is right for you?

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Well, it didn’t for me.

For real show-off power, of course, you’ve got to go cordless. As for resolution, the engine offers dpi, which means you’re fine with any size monitor. The is held together by only one screw, and that screw is not under one of the mouse feet, or even hidden under a sticker.

Logitech MX 300, MX 500 and MX 700 mouses

If you’ve got very mkuse hands then the MX is likely to be more to your taste, but you don’t have to be able to cover the whole area south of the MX ‘s buttons with your palm to be able to use it comfortably. Despite a return to a single eye system, the MX engine outperforms any mouse I’ve used.

No, the big deal about the MXthe thing which makes it unique among tail-less rodents, is its sample rate – how frequently the cursor position is updated. Which is apparently more than any previous mouse sensor manages. There’s a separate little circuit board in the lid of the mouse for the quick-switch key, but apart from that the MX doesn’t look particularly unusual inside. If you read our review of the MXthen you know how impressed we were by Logitech’s new optical engine. One smooth piece of plastic bifurcates into the left and right button areas, with the wheel in the middle.


mous Suddenly, they’re making products that don’t wear out. The actual pickup chip in the MX and is covered by a plastic brace thing; removing the ‘s brace revealed the chip to be another Agilent product Agilent are what the HP division that developed the original all-surface-optical technology is now called with “A” and “A” stamped on it. The MX is the entry level MX model. Since mouae MX uses the same quick switch buttons as the two other MX mice I figured the scroll wheel would be the same as well.

Logitech MX 300 – mouse Series

This is not very useful, but it’s more useful than the quick-switch button, which again does nothing without MouseWare. It did for me. And, worst still, single scroll steps mmx300 occasionally ignored completely; when you step the scroll wheel again, you get two steps in one go. Provided you’re right handed.

Logitech MX – mouse – PS/2, USB Overview – CNET

Logitech’s new MX-series mouses are, according to Logitech, very exciting and innovative. You can see the cursor skipping across the screen. This means you can charge your mouse without actually plugging it into a computer, which may be useful to you.


You’re probably used to it by now, but I bet you wish there were a slick, ergonomically shaped mouse for your left hand. The shape’s the same, but the plastic’s different; the MX ‘s shinier than its cheaper cousin. I reviewed logihech couple of them in that year, here. You simply mouse over and click the one you wish to bring forward.

Download Logitech USB MX Optical Mouse

This means it tracks slightly differently from the MXbut the difference is subtle and quite easy to get used to. Never mind the mouse resolution, you probably don’t have sufficient hand and eye resolution to do single-pixel work at 1X magnification. Most cordless mouses have a miserable sample rate. Firstly, it’s the only mousee with real buttons. This, of course, is bad news for the mouse companies.

Overall The MX series mouses aren’t dirt cheap, and their software could be better, but you can work around the problems, and they’re otherwise great. This is a four button mouse. The ‘s the basic model, the ‘s got extra buttons and swoopy design, and the ‘s is mx30 the best cordless mouse that’s yet been made.

Does it perform like a champ?