It is slightly larger then the orange version but it will fit fine on most desks easy. Some bad things about the G Skyrim Mods Top 10 Favourites. Missing one flip down foot. Can you add an option to put the Component to front when the song changed for x seconds perhaps configurable, too, via dialogue?

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Skip to main content. Things that I would like to have in the lcd: I got Foobar on Friday and got my playlist all set up and beautiful, but then found it lacking the logitevh to control the LCD panel on my keyboard. The LCD works alongside the games, providing information like character stats, health bar, powers available and stuff like that — depending on the level of support provided by each game.

Ethangar on While this is a good question, I still find it entertaining that people want little things to show up on their keyboard, when they should be looking at the monitor. More items related to this product.

Missing one flip down foot. If the keyboard comes with the PC then take it, if you’re paying extra you might be wasting your money for things you don’t need though.


1g5 in advance and good work! Fortunately Logitech provides a public software development kit so several programmers can release their own applications for the G15 LCD display. Brant Bobby 1, 5 19 Create useful macros on the fly and play them back with a single press of One thing which should be added is text scrolling.

Since, they don’t use texture bumps or icon shapes and have no on screen menu. This is a very tough plastic and should outlast your keyboard. Show More Show Less.

But on the plus side blue lighting matches more standard gaming computers and peripherals. The cord exits out only one location and after a while the wires will start to break behind the strain release. Foobar display the updated tag info when a song change but not on the G The more configuration options the better but either way I am just happy you have got this much done already.

This would also solve seVens problem.

Logitech G15 Keyboard Review – Keys and LCD Configuration of 7 – Hardware Secrets

Still a great keyboard with custom macro keys. Had a bit fun with this one designing my own applet. You need to install g15tools and a few other packages, they were already in my package manager so it was very easy to get all the features of this keyboard working in Linux. Check out their forums for some pretty nice pre-made ones.


Logitech G15 967599-0100 Wired Keyboard

By using our ligitech, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If you are havi The G15 Wikipedia page has a pretty good list of supported apps and links to plugins that you may need. The esc, g, h, j, k, and l keys are not registering. On the plus side it only needs one USB cable to run.

LCD Mods, Extension, Hacks and Applets for the G15, My Top 10 – Gamer Anth

Some bad things about the G The G15 V1 is the best keyboard around. Thanks fore a nice plugin.

I love it, thank you! Most of the time I find that stuff doesn’t matter when I’m playing a game, but to each lfd own. The G keys actually have a button you can hit, and then press the key sequence, and it programs that key sequence to that key.