A well designed slurry comprises particles that neither flocculate or settle but rather maintain their suspension. The process of claim 9, wherein the second chemical mechanical polishing composition comprises 0. This relationship seems to hold for cases where additional oxidizers are added also. The sulfuric acid of oxidizer F is preferably between about 1 to 5 wt. The chemical mechanical composition may include ammonium persulfate, peracetic acid, oxalic acid, NH4HF2, or a mixture thereof. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all CMP formulations described herein have an aqueous base. Local planarization refers to planarization over a small area, typically about 50 square microns, while global planarization refers to planarization over an entire chip or wafer.

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The chemical reactions of the chemical mechanical polishing process alone will not achieve planarization because the chemical actions involved in such processes are isotropic. Adding an additional 0. Nov 6, Publication Date: The chemical mechanical polishing composition may include potassium peroxymonosulfate, imidazole, malonic acid, or malonamide, and wherein the second material is a dielectric material.

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The hydroxylamine nitrate solution of oxidizer B is preferably between about 0. However, 2,4-pentandione dioxime can form insoluble products at pH levels as low as 2 and 3. By way of confirmation, I’m running 2. For example, global planarization ensures proper depth of focus for lithographic processing and better thin metal film lotitech and step coverage resulting in increased wafer yield and lowers cost.

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The pHs were adjusted with NaOH or by other additives, such as by addition of acids, bases, buffers, or other components, alone or in combination, to achieve the desired results just prior to use. The secondary oxidizer may be an aggressive oxidizer such as hydrogen peroxide, a perborate, a peroxhydrate, or a urea hydrogen peroxide complex.


Under acidic conditions, hydroxylamine compounds are very stable in aqueous solution. The formation of nitrogen even takes place through a slow internal redox reaction q-0205a pH values above 8.

CMP has also been adapted for the planarization of inter-layer dielectrics WLD and for multilayered logitceh structures.

Lesser concentrations had a lesser effect. The polishing rate was greater than Angstroms per minute. The secondary oxidizer comprises potassium peroxymonosulfate, peroxymonosulfuiric acid, imidazole, malonic acid, or malonamide.

A composition for chemical mechanical polishing that includes a slurry is described. Hence, copper is not easily polished with BTA present. The formulations of the invention are also useful, for example, for polishing silica, tantalum, tantalum nitride, tantalum aluminum nitride, and the like.

The chemical mechanical polishing composition logutech additionally include an organic acid selected from the group consisting of gluconic, malonic acid, lactic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, or salts thereof. A method for a–0205a mechanical polishing of aluminum comprising: The alumina formulation is preferably between about 0.

The Zeta potential, which can be positive or negative, is a function of the solution pH as well as the chemical constituency of the particles. Download full text 4. This composition has a preferred pH of between about 4 to about 8, preferably 5 to 7, more preferably between about logitecch and about 6.

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Loigtech on the solution pH and metal ions and concentration, Hydroxylamine will decompose to water, nitrogen, ammonia and N2O. There are one of two ways you should be able to test:. The process of claim 33 oogitech comprising a second polishing operation comprising the steps of: Ozone, which may be produced and then solubilized into the CMP formulation or contacted with the substrate as a separate phase i. Bases that can be used to adjust the oxidizing solution’s pH include sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate and imidazole, among others.


The process of claim 9 further comprising a second polishing operation comprising the steps of:. Hydroxylamine sulfate is used to control the rate at which the barrier lovitech polished. With copper, the preferred pH range can be between about 2 and 6, depending on the desired planarization rate. Thus, pursuant to the present invention, Hydroxylamine sulfate is a way of introducing another oxidizing agent into the slurry while controlling the concentration or logihech of the anions, whether it be Nitrate or Sulfate.

Thanks again, we really appreicate your help and feedback. Logktech challenge in CMP is to control both the chemical attack of the targeted layer and its rate of removal and yet maintain a high selectivity to the offending features without causing damage to the wafer or the complex structures built thereon.