Kinesis had just launched a newer version of this keyboard, the Kinesis Advantage 2 , with improvements to the onboard memory and the ability to easily switch back and forth between modifications. All Kinesis keyboards except the Essential support the capability to re-map individual keys. I wish the Magic trackpad2 was slightly less wide, but this setup works magically pun intended , better than any combination of mouse I have used. Get updates Get updates. The Kinesis keyboard has the full range of function keys, but they are not much easier to reach than on any other keyboard. I settled on some variant of the Microsoft comfort curve keyboard, whichever keyboard was on sale the day I needed to buy one.

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The function keys are split between the two sides.

I have always gone back to my Microsoft comfort curve keyboards and when Microsoft started to style them like the other natural keyboards, I found the next reasonable thing, the Logitech K The reliability is incredible, the quality stunning and versatility without peer.

It is an upgrade in every possible manner over all the lesser keyboards I have used in my life.

Show More Show Less. Rather than a traditional horizontal layout, these keys are arranged in vertical positions.

Long-Term Review: The Kinesis Advantage 2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Kinesie am thoroughly enjoying the tactile feedback this keyboard provides. The core design of the Kinesis Advantage was largely complete way back in They also encourage the hands to rest in a more natural curved position.


More items related to this product. The Kinesis was first used among computer programmerswho continue to be the primary market for the devices. This takes a while to get used to the readjusted keyboare of the split keyboard. These keys are located directly under your thumbs. I will update this review after a few months of using the keyboard with a supplemental review, but if you are intrigued by this keyboard, my recommendation to you is to buy this and try it for yourself.

Early impressions of the Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The palm rest works against you in this case, you can not simply remove the palm rest. However, do note that the remapping is kinrsis on the original QWERTY layout and not based on any other preset mode you are in, for instance the mac mode. A piezo buzzer provides optional key click. What these design choices amount to is what makes typing on the Kinesis Advantage such a great experience: Skip to main content.

Kinesis Advantage Review: Long-Term Evaluation

It consists of an orthogonal key layout with wells for the left and right hands and a fairly sizeable number of keys in the center that can be activated by your thumbs. It is ideal keyboard. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Kinesid Policy. Each thumb pad includes the Enter, Space, Backspace, Delete, and the combination options, Control and Alt, for your convenience.


However, you’ll quickly notice the difference the ergonomic shape makes by reducing the strain you feel when typing. However, this ergonomic Kinesis keyboard still has a smaller footprint compared to traditional keyboards. The latest model makes a bunch of detailed improvements, but the basic design has been identical since the early s. As my current keyboards are in the process of dying, I started looking for a replacement.

I was first exposed to the concept of an ergonomic keyboard in This allows your wrists and shoulders to stay in a neutral, un-bent position and is instrumental in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is still very early days, but I am absolutely in love with this keyboard. All these keys are difficult to reach in a traditional keyboard and other ergonomic keyboards.

Kinesis Advantage Review: Long-Term Evaluation

Moreover, the keys are laid out in perfect vertical keybosrd to avoid the need for lateral movements during typing. In fact, Kinesis was part of the driving force behind Cherry MX creating their Brown switches that are used in most of the ergonomic keyboards.

The cursor keys are placed in a 4th row that does not exist on other keyboards. Furthermore, it features 2MB of on-board memory for creating custom kiesis.