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ExpressCard SATA Adapters: The Lesser of Two Evils

I will try adding something following your dsdt code example and report back. Buyer complaints suggest it is not well-supported by Windows 7 or Vista.

The choice is less than clear: Believe there was a version 2. All the commands through the terminal that i’ve found have been of no use. Now to complete this hack, how to disable the PATA port.

Lets try two OperationRegion Definitions. After ejecting and turning it off, it also disappears from Harddiskutility. Runtime corruption detected on eSATA, fsck will be forced on next mount.


JMicron controller and eSATA Port Multiplier – EVGA Forums

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Apart from the warning mentioned above this compiles ok.

I’m also including the full dsdt. Hmm, jmicon it seems I may have spoken too soon. Running sudo setpci -s It’s a personnal request, could you please upload your patched dsdt lappy I think we’ve the same Asus M50svit much needed for SL.

For example, buying an Amazon Kindle with this link sends a few bucks my way! I expect getting some general remarks about the search function, but im going to plunge straight into the flames. Windows users have only one choice: Try if it works.

The problem is, esaa when the HDD is hooked up with eSata, it initially recognizes the drive fine and it shows up in Disk Utility etc. So, back to ubuntu. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Removing almost anything from my existing and over-long Device JMB0 entry seems to result in an error! The drive simply disappears.

JMicron 362 controller and eSATA Port Multiplier

The smaller companies often mention which controller they use, while the name brands usually skip it, re-branding everything for themselves. Already have an account? I hope my problem is an isolated one and therefore doesn’t cause problems for other users adopting this innovative dsdt patch.


FTW3 Logo peel off. But honestly, none of these devices seems all that stable and reliable. Thank you so much ApexDE.

You might also want to read these other posts I’ve tried searching for solutions literally for days, but no-one seems to have exactly the problems im having though a lot eSata -related problems are out there.

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Thanks, yes, I should have explained better. What is a Hotswap drive? I restored a bootable SuperDuper!