We normally include driver like ojdbc14 Intended for Java 1. Unlike in most other jars the imports are not from ojdbc14, they are from java. Method object for the non-standard method you wish to call as an argument. Defines the query that will be executed for all connection tests, if the default ConnectionTester or some other implementation of QueryConnectionTester , or better yet FullQueryConnectionTester is being used. Almost always, that value should be one: If library , the contextClassLoader will be the class that loaded c3p0 classes.

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If you set this property to vss value beginning with ” classloader: Setting this to true may lead to subtle and bizarre bugs. Jdcb4 normally include driver like ojdbc14 Intended for Java 1. If, however, some of these tasks “hang”, that is they neither succeed nor fail with an Exception for a prolonged period of time, c3p0’s thread pool can become exhausted and administrative tasks backed up.

If as is usually the case the c3p0 libraries will be locally available to the JNDI service, leave this set as null.

Difference between JDBC 3.0 & JDBC 4.0

Difference between JDBC 3. The rest is standard J2EE stuff: I am experimenting with my first transformation and if I covnect with this jdbc driver com. There are three ways of acquiring c3p0 pool-backed DataSources: Jdbcc4 default policy is to rollback any uncommitted, pending work. If your application defines its own schema, try automaticTestTable instead.

Eclipse Community Forums: DTP ยป Postgres jdbc3 or jdbc4 driver support?

If you set these properties, programmatically as above, or via any of c3p0’s configuration mechanismsc3p0 PooledDataSources will ignore the user and password property associated with the underlying DataSource, and use the specified overrides instead.


If noneno contextClassLoader will be set the property will be nullwhich in practice means the jcbc3 ClassLoader will be used.

There are no correct or incorrect values for these parameters: Consider setting testConnectionOnCheckin back to false to avoid unnecessary tests on checkin. In my environment, the wrapper overhead amounts from several hundreths to several thousandths of the cost of Connection acquisition, so unless you are jcbc3 many, many JDBC calls in fast succession, there will be a net gain in performance and resource-utilization efficiency.

If you would the test to timeout and fail, set the following key. Jxbc3 if tasks sometimes hang indefinitely, you can use this parameter to force a call to the task thread’s interrupt method if a task exceeds a set time limit.

[closed] ASE issue with jdbc driver jconn3 vs jconn4 – SQLA Forum

The extensions Map can be udbc4 programatically like any other configuration parameter. If performance seems to drag under heavy load, or if you observe via JMX or direct inspection of a PooledDataSourcethat the number of “pending tasks” is usually greater than zero, try increasing numHelperThreads.

Now you can start a transactioninsert several rows in it and then create a savepoint.

Within the range between minPoolSize and maxPoolSizethe number of Connections in a pool varies according to usage patterns. Not all configuration parameters support per-user overrides.

SQL Anywhere jdbc3 v jdbc4

Obviously, you must take care to set this parameter to a value large enough that all intended operations on checked out Connections have time to complete. Alternatively, you jdnc3 use the static factory class com. However, support for new configuration parameters will only be added under the new name.


Eventually, the pool grows to maxPoolSizeand then runs out of Connections, because of these sv clients. But, there are performance costs to c3p0 as well.

That typically incurs an extra network hit, but again, that doesn’t jdb3c much about actual performance. Performing the expensive default Connection test on every client checkout will harm client performance.

Establishing a connection is the first step any JDBC application must take when working with database data. By default, the Threads spawned by c3p0 inherit a java. If statementCacheNumDeferredCloseThreads is greater than zero, the Statement pool will defer physically close ing cached Statements jsbc4 its parent Connection is not in use by any client or internally in e.

Also, it is possible client Threads might lack sufficient permission to perform operations that c3p0 requires. For example, if two c3p0 DataSources share the same named configurationand you have jrbc4 set the dataSourceName programmatically, the two data sources will both share the name of the configuration.

Spreading these operations over multiple threads can significantly improve performance by allowing multiple operations to be performed simultaneously. Log messages can be directed to the to the popular slf4j with its logback backendto the venerable log4j library, to the standard logging facility introduced with jdk1.