You may also like. And I really think this will help push the launcher woods series. Early on, he had moderate success making cuts on the Web. Worst case scenario, there will be some form of discussion about him and his ability to tear the cover off a ball in any event he plays in. The sound, the impact, the flight…it is one half golf drive and the other half glass shattering entrance music at a WWE event. Dented January 3, – 7: The love the signing and would LOVE to watch him in person!

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Cleveland signs Jamie Sadlowski: Does it Make Sense? – The Hackers Paradise

Using a staff member from a few of the larger companies as an example, what would make more sense? Trout Bum January 3, – 7: Now that he is concerned with shooting low scores instead of generating mph-plus of ball speed, Sadlowski also is thinking more about what clubs he carries. How more creative can you get to help sell drivers?

Hopefully Jamie finds success on the tour, and Cleveland gains a lot of exposure from his using their gear. Chris Nichols January 3, – 6: Early on, he had moderate success making cuts on the Web. Walker started using a inch driver this year at the SBS Tournament of Champions at Kapalua in Jaime, and Rickie Fowler, who won the Honda Classic, also recently started playing a shorter driver, going from Mayor of the PGA Tour — Right now, few golfers are going into their local stores and testing the new Cleveland Launcher HB driver, which is a shame based on our testing of a very solid offering.


Their drivers, typically several inches longer than those available at retail, are built to withstand mph swings and launch the ball plus yards through the air.

Look no further than two-time World Long Drive champion Jamie Sadlowski to see how a bag comes together, and what tweaks a player and coach make to get the gear right. I wonder what we should use to ultimately judge this signing in a years time…sales of Launcher drivers? When his swing was designed to maximize jqmie, he played a 7-degree driver but now uses one with 11 degrees of loft.

In the Indonesian Masters he shot -4 under and finished in the top 50, but the real story was during the event, he hit a drive of yards and set a record there for the highest ball speed at just under mph. Going back to the original question, which is does this signing make sense for a company, the answer is unequivocally, yes.

ArmyGolf January 3, – 9: I was on the fence yesterday in the discussion, but i tend to agree here on alternatives.

  MS-6539 VER 30A DRIVER

Sound off below in the comments section or on the THP Forum. Please check your email for a confirmation. I agree with your sentiment that he brings more people to the Launcher brand. Matt Kuchar Makes a Change November 14, I can see him generating enough interest for it to be useful for Cleveland.

But it makes sense.

Cleveland signs Jamie Sadlowski: Does it Make Sense?

Curious to see how this plays out. Sadlowski is best known for being the guy that crushes the cover off the ball. Holiday Cheer Contest Day 3: How much is it going cost?

WCBM January 4, – 1: Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson in The Moving from the list or the OWGR for a second, you also have another type of signing and that is the brand ambassador. Enjoyed the article JB!

I mean why not? RNG January 3, – 7: Dave Hast January 3, – The winning drive in came in at a whopping yards, which he topped with yards in an earlier round. He has made the cut in a handful of Web.