The portable media player space has stagnated a little in recent times, with Apple seemingly still in control of things. The iRiver E has a number of great features — it’s easy to set-up and use and the overall sound quality is great and as a music player it’s as good as any Creative or Apple player. Other features include FM radio and a built-in microphone for recording voice messages. It has long been thought that if anyone was likely to knock the Apple iPod off the MP3 top-spot that it would be iRiver. Transferring files is as easy as plugging in the mini-USB cable, which is also used for charging the player and dragging files over.

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While it will satisfy most user’s needs in this regard it has a few interface and screen issues that stop it from being perfect. Review by Grahm Skee of Anythingbutipod.

Images were bright but there was a degree of pixilation to test files. However, this isn’t the case here, as we found it easy to get to idiver with.

It’s not the fastest software to respond and we found it would occasionally hang for a second but for ease of use, it’s great.

iriver E MP3 Player – video dailymotion

However, other companies, such as iRiver, are still fighting for their piece of the pie. It is available in a oriver of colours, including pink, brown and green.

MP3 players often fail due to an overcomplicated menu system. To be more specific I would put it in the upper low end of the market. The edges of the iRiver 4 GB MP3 deftly conceal the power button, a volume control switch, locking mechanism, a microphone, and a reset irvier, along with a mini-USB port for syncing music with the player irivr recharging the battery.


The same files running on a Zen simply look better with sharper contrast. Best power banks Show More Show Less.

iRiver E MP3 player

Best tech of After all, the company has released more players irier the last 4 years than just about any other company. The best BBQ tech and gadgets Still, the E is well rounded in features, solid audio support, and a well tuned FM radio. Product Key Features Storage Capacity.

The video player operates fine, but is definitely one of the weaker elements of this unit due to the fact that the screen isn’t great quality. This is a text book example of difficulties branding across different purchasing segments- selling a lower quality product when you are a premium brand, consumers can be put off.

iRiver E100 MP3 player

Sound quality was good irivver the whole, with a fun, detailed mid range and well-controlled bass. Phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, games and more. The look is simple but the plastic used gives it a rather cheap and dull effect.

You can store station presets as well as record directly to the internal memory, which is a nifty feature, and the reception was pretty good in our tests. This latter feature can save WMA files in three different quality formats.


It has long been thought that if anyone was likely to knock the Apple iPod off the MP3 top-spot that it would be iRiver. About this product Product Information Cost-effective and boasting a wide variety of features, this iRiver 4 GB MP3 is a good option for users who want their favorite features in a itiver package.

For those who like to listen to their music with others, you’ll find small stereo speaker on the back of the device.

It includes a five-band equaliser that can be tweaked manually or set using presets, shuffle and loop modes and SRS WOW audio boost.

iRiver E100 Pink (4 GB) Digital Media Player

View our privacy policy before signing up. Beneath the screen you’ll find a four-way directional pad and enter button. Also included is a micro-SD card slot to expand the memory; however, this doesn’t synchronise with the internal memory, which can be annoying. Great deal for this price! So, it comes as something of a shock to find the player generally feels bulky in the hand. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

It may not look or work as slickly as the iPod but it’s easy to navigate.