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Please check by doing man radeon to see if the radeon driver in your distro supports the required settings, before spending time trying this configuration. Higher level programming languages are less representative of the actual machine code, and as a result may require either a more advanced compiler or may require being compiled several times.

Nov 19, 3. You could probably buy a gdk football cheaper.

20 Most Recent Sun GDMW10 24″ CRT Monitor Questions & Answers – Fixya

Here is a link to what one looks like. This config enables what ATI refer to as the big desktop view, so 90q10 two monitors work together as one to display a very wide desktop. It is the transition that’s troublesome. I had a hard time finding specs, but it looks to be an inferior tube to the FW To do this, the most convenient way seems to be to use Debian’s “Module Assistant”.


Found a site selling the monitor, and it lists frequency specs.

SUN 24″ wide screen CRT monitor $ @ – Page 2 – Forums

Margaret williams notify sunpass for account information. If you think you will be able to wander around for half an hour directly exposed to the sun, you are dead wrong.

Slip, slap, slop referring to preparation to go out in the sun. Dark areas were completely lost black crush, I believe is the term? For video playback in fullscreen using mplayer, use the “gl2” video output driver.

Yes” then the library probably isn’t being found.

24″ widescreen crt, Sun GDM-90w10, any good?

Trying to adjust it from a lower color temperature only results in less brightness. This config still enables the merged framebuffer view, so your two monitors work together as one to display a very wide desktop.

When you say OK, it installs it using the following command, so you can make a backup of this file to save having to run Module Assistant again if you’re reinstalling remember that gcc I set the color temperature at k. Ideas, requests, problems regarding Foswiki? Nov 20, 6. Packaged fglrx driver for SuSE 9. Kernel Gddm Version Information: 90w100 those spare cycles to use!


Change the color card. I checked against a number of charts and programs, and that seems to be close enough to perfect as my non-Pantone eyes can muster. Don’t want to compromise for my gaming rig, heh. After rebooting, check dmesg again. But are the specs of this and sony the same? Join the Justlinux folding home team! The open-source “radeon” drivers also perform admirably and with a much better documented configuration, although without 3D acceleration.

Answered on Jul 11, Also one on my back porch went on at 3: I turned it down until the bleed disappeared, and there was a decent white purity by eyeball.