Hi Thiago, thank you for your elaborate answer. See the Hosting Information page for more information. Then look for the following section: It probably requires some reverse engineering in order to modify the sixaxis plugin for bluez. However, it is a very tiny hole and hard to see on the backside. First it was the aa:

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According to your dump, you have blueZ 5.

Hi Thiago, thank joysticl for your elaborate answer. It also takes a bit of patience as bluetooth joystifk rarely seem to be recognised first time, and usually need a few attempts picture me waving mine ineffectually near the Pi time and time again: Once it was done installing is when I plugged in the controller on the screen that prompts you to, then all the leds lit up solid.

I made some software which will be explained in a future post and used my trusty Argos third-party PS3 style gamepad to control it. I’ve installed through menu, but gasiia controllers only work when plugged in via USB. Ok, so I’ve been doing some testing and found an interesting bug, I was going to create a new thread but this seems like a good place to mention it:.


Setting up PS3 controllers on Retropie (Gasia/ Shanwan clones) | Yet another Raspberry Blog …

Well I got my controller a few days ago and didn’t have any problems setting it up! Finally, select the option with either clone support gasia, or clone support shanwan. Then look for the following section: The interesting thing is when I shutdown the system and plugged it back in the controller was still recognized.

I Have succesfull paired two Gasia Controllers. I have had problems with Retropie crashing here and there but from my understanding gxsia happens with any BT controller on Pi3. Thanks again for your knowledge and expertise!

I think its Gasia I did see that in previous comment. It probably requires some reverse engineering in order to modify the sixaxis plugin for bluez. In fact it is also present on my Shanwan clones.

Gasia PS3 controller doesn’t work? – Bitcraze Forums

I did trust on Gasia Ps gamepad that says Playstation R 3 controller. Also tested on Pi2 and 3, with different version on RetroPie as well. I finally figured out what went wrong. RP3 model b, external bluetooth dongle, gasia fake ps3 controller same as this post.

USB Dual Vibration Joystick With Macro

Let it download and compile. I remember all the leds lighting up and when I pressed the P3 button the fourth one turned off then just the first stayed on like is customary. I’m not really worried if it doesn’t. Please make sure to have build-essentials and header files installed.


On the way to open sourcing it, I thought I had better try it with a an official Sony PS3 gamepad, and I could always do with another gamepad for when playing computer with the sprog.

What i am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help! Did you check with jstest, whether your controller is recognized as input device?

In case that it shows version 5. As for me, I bought an official wired Xbox controller from Argos.

The Case of the Pirate Gamepad

If that is the case though I would just set it up under Bluetooth devices instead? Here is the log: I just got a Gasia controller and set it up using Gasia clone support instead.

New USB device strings: