Just don’t hold your breath for that to occur any time soon if ever! Feed back Thanks for the feedback guys. Xcode from Apple has done a lot of work to help with that. I anticipate it will be like going from cave painting to airbrush But my personal opinion is that running a laser from a MAC is a waste.

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You print through the HP Laserjet driver, which is the same if you use windows Reason why it worked was likely because Mzc offered the same driver.

I have been lurking on this site for weeks, and thanks to the things I have gleaned from your discussions, will be getting an Epilog Helix with a 75 watt tube epiilog the very near future. The last version that was OSX native was 11 and it was dog slow too.

helis Hopefully our resident Corel employee will see this and post some good news for us Mac people. A little off topic but not too much As well as driver support I would be very pleased to see Corel return to the Mac.

But my personal opinion is that running a laser from a MAC is a waste.

I design, engineer and program all sorts of things. I forgot about that one. Join Date Mar Posts Therefore, if anyone has any suggestions or advice about running these programs on a MacBook in a Parallels or Boot Camp environment, I’d be very grateful.


I would like to know whether anyone out there has used a MacBook Pro to run a laser, specifically an Epilog. Rob, The reason to use Acrobat Reader is so that you don’t have to have a Windows version of Illustrator in addition to your Mac version.

For example see this Apple Link MAC machines would be a great asset to the file creation, edit, and other functions for a laser business. That’s what I’ve heard at least. At the same time, I also purchased my first MacBook Pro.

Epilog Drivers on a Mac

What I would like to know is what environment you are running under and whether you have had unforeseen issues with either your driver or the software. With Apple’s being sold in more and more retail stores, I hope someone will pay attention and get some drivers out. Epilog Drivers on a Mac. Just don’t hold your breath for that to occur any time soon if ever!

I don’t want to spark a Ford v. If there were such a thing as a multiple-author posts, you’ve created one.

Epilog Laser Knowledge Base – Support Center – Drivers and Firmware

Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. I don’t have any experience with running a laser on a Mac, but I will say this in hopes all the big names are watching. Having to buy an entire operating system to install on the Mac just to get the laser to work defeats the reasoning people buy Mac’s in the first place.


Sponsored Forums Private Forums Authors. Page 1 of 2 1 epiog Last Jump to page: However, that arrangement doesn’t work for two platforms. I don’t understand your last comment.

Introducing the Epilog Mac Driver

I liked the ability to work on some projects at home on my Mac and then come to the shop with a native epikog instead of getting mixed results with an import. Hopefully all of the major players will have native Epiloh drivers. If the top companies don’t come out with one, you can bet the Asian companies will. You may have a different preference. Until Feburary, all I have used was Dell computers. I do agree with time estimation and a direct Mac driver for the number of graphic artists that prefer and have used Mac’s thruout their schooling and career.