Contact your nearest Agilent TechnologiesService Center. What is the difference between an equivalent time sampling oscilloscope and a real-time oscilloscope? This function is used for making Kelvin connections. It shows like this:. Disconnect cable from IVn terminal. EA is the newest test set from Agilent. In this case, you need to make connector holes and directly mount the connectorsyourself.

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It device characterization but not for circuit measurements.

In particular, when I run third octave analysis on the second long signals, I am getting negative dB results for SPL measurements which doesn’t make sense. When using an SMU, the length of measurement cables is limited by the guardcapacitance of the cables.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Help Center Find new research papers in: The EA can be installed with maximum four EAs. Text ConventionsThe following text conventions are used in this manual: For details, refer to “Connection Rule” in Chapter 5. Make temperature measurements quickly and easily There are many applications in which. Measurement setup is asfollows: Agilent Infoline Web Services.

The BA is the only parameter analyzer that maximizes your eficiency by giving you the ability to modify and create application tests interactively and then run them remotely. This query command returns the Bias Mode of the specified card. Contact your labbview AgilentTechnologies service center.


Agilent BA Semiconductor Device Analyzer – PDF

My 5e250a is compiled as an exe. If yourEA does not have four cards installed, delete the Relay Test program lines forthe empty card slots. Agilent is the only test and measurement company e5250s offers three-year warranty on all instruments, worldwide. BA Switching Matrix rear view Advanced capabilities simplify common measurement tasks The BA and BA have many ingenious features that enhance the utility of the instruments.

It seems that the VI was updated with more options but the documentation is lagging.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

All popular semiautomatic wafer probers are supported, and you can also create your own wafer prober drivers. The MFCMU can perform all of the capacitance measurements necessary for semiconductor device evaluation, including capacitance vs.

Although it is possible to use a collection of equipment such as a pulse generator, an oscilloscope and a shunt resistor to measure the dynamic behavior of these devices, factors such as instrument accuracy, cabling complexity and shunt resistance error compensation make it dificult to get valid data. EA is the newest test set from Agilent More information. This allows you to make accurate capacitance measurements through a switching matrix, and — unlike competitive solutions — can supply compensation parameters to enable undistorted measurement results.


The VFP utility can perform the following: Quantity Part number Description. CS80,1″, enter thefollowing command: This command does not clear the enable registers.

Select Continue function key to continue the program laabview each graph isdisplayed. If automatic error checking is enabled then the driver will query the instrument foran error at the end of each function call.

SYSTem subsystem is a collection of functions that are not related toinstrument performance. The goal of the remotely see Fig. Has anyone tried it? Agilent Television Power Consumption Testing. However, when I generate array, my excel data also shows the index of the array.