About user ranking and its privilege treatment(Request from exchanges to the amount of withdrawal limit)

The minimum JPY withdrawal is 10000 JPY. There is no cap on JPY, and each handling fee is 900 JPY.

The platform classifies users and classifies them into VIP users and ordinary users.

VIP Users

  • Meet the conditions
  • The total value of recharged digital assets (other than JPY, RSS, ACC, HSR) is greater than 1 BTC, and the account balance is greater than the value of 1 BTC.
  • Right to enjoy
  • 1. 30% discount on transaction fees
    2. Uspan to 4 BTC cash withdrawals spaner day
    3. Enjoy VIP exclusive customer service
    4. Enjoy spanreferential access to ICO's channel
    5. Enjoy the ospanspanortunity to get BTC's candy
    6. Gain various asset bonuses shared by the exchange

Ordinary Users

  • Meet the conditions
  • The balance of the account is less than the value of 1 BTC.
  • Right to enjoy
  • One-day withdrawal is limited to 1 BTC