You’ll see a window appear similar to the image below. If you are using other names for the database and node, change the commands accordingly. Whenever we need them for assistance or advice, the team at Easysoft is always a phone call away and ready to help. Enter the Uncatalog fnode command: Now make sure php.

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The examples use a database name mosql and a node name fnode. If you are using other names for the database and node, change the commands accordingly.

Moira Casey Published on September 30, We used your product to synchronize our ODBC database with our legacy application and are extremely happy with the performance. At the end of the Dynamic Shared Object section, after all of the other “LoadModule” statements, add the directives shown below:.

ODBC Driver for Derby?

Additionally, to use the command line version the php4ts. Next, look for a file called php. You’ll see a window appear similar to the image below. If you need easy access to your Apache Derby database from Linux and Unix platforms, this is the product for you even IBM recommend us!


Connecting PHP Applications to Apache Derby

Been using your drivers for many years now and we are impressed with the quality and price of them. For Apache this file is under the.

If the connection is successful a pop-up box will appear informing you it was. Now copy the file php4apache2. We are grateful to Easysoft for supplying a great solution that helped us access our bit database.

Open a db2cmd window and catalog the CNS node to access localhost on portas shown below:. At the time of the release of Operations Center 5. You also need to provide a name for this node; for example purposes, call it CNS.

If you experience any failures, the DB2 UDB commands below show how to uncatalog them and go back to the very beginning:. Finally, catalog the database as an ODBC data source. The commands shown above will fail if the node or database is already catalogued. Then open a browser and enter http: Copy the file test. Testing has completed successfully.

As always, our support team is on hand to help you with any difficulties or questions you may have with this driver.


The Easysoft driver was indeed excellent, easy and reliable. If configuring remote client access, specify the client machine name instead of localhost. First, identify the host and port that the remote database is running on. Additionally, server modules provide significantly better performance.

Configuring the ODBC Driver – Operations Center SQL Views Guide

The following commands use the database name mosql and the node name fnode: This technical paper shows you how to tie all three together. These instructions are based on version 8. Thank you so much for your continuous support. View image at full size.

If necessary, replace these with the names used in your system. Your configuration for PHP is now complete, now let’s execute a simple script from the command line to test our set up.