You can check the texts and make sure you employ the correct driver version. For the data type varchar and char you need to use the option charset. It is also used for JDBC logging. Some changes on the time behavior after a call of cancel or if a query timeout occurs. This property is helpful if you use PreparedStatements on tables with triggers. Using XA may result in a considerable performance decrease. If you want to view it you can use MMC.

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This allows a direct call hdsdriver the client machine to the DBMS server and is a practical solution for Intranet access. Solutions examples Comments DriverManager.

DataBase – Ms sql, Java – 1. A profiler does not calculate the network waiting times correctly. This happens if parameter definition send by Driver don’t exactly match the column type. If a SP call was prepared then the first call did not return a output parameter.

Manual for the MS SQL Server JDBC type 4 driver MERLIA

These are the subprotocols for SQL Server 6. A Resultset can be closed with the following methods: Every character has 2 bytes. Those parameter have to reset for every execution. When two expressions of different data types are combined by an operator, the data type precedence rules specify which data type is converted into the other.


With version 8 of the driver i-net Opta and i-net Merlia supports the following new data types of SQL Server and returns Java objects:. It is not compatible with SQL Server 6. An unsigned applet can only connect to the webserver not to other servers. A infinite loop was fixed with bit characters in a PreparedStatement string parameter in ASCII mode sub protocol inetdae6 and inetdae7a.

(i-net MS SQL Server driver Documentation)

The result was that setAutoCommit true did not end the transaction. The default data type mapping of the driver is equivalent to the JDBC specification: The driver is not in the classpath. iney

If you use the JDK 1. In general the risk of a deadlock increases with the performance of the driver. Add support for setObject with Types. You can work with a public Certification Authority and pay money for your the certificate or you can use your own certificate server. This exception occurs if you use a forward only or read only cursor. Although it appears from your stack trace that you’re attempting to use a connection pool dbcp you might not have it set up properly.


This charset option needs to be compatible with the codepage of the SQL Server. Generally, this error message means that the driver is waiting for an answer from the SQL Server of its own request.

Example for connection check:. The timestamp column in the SQL server is not a column that contains a time or date.

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Santosh 1 11 Output parameters returned in wrong order together with a return parameter. All position-reporting methods returns always false.

Therefore always use the same syntax for the name of both servers web-server and SQL server. A list of existing character converters can you find in the jar files i The values affected all following calls of executeQuery for this connection.

A connection with XA transaction is using the isolation level like before starting the transaction. It contains a binary number 8 byte that is unique in the database.