The EM Temma PC Jr fits this bill primarily because it combines the precision features needed for imaging with light weight needed for portability the head weighs 24 lbs. I would start everything up one by one ie, mount via Temma then guide camera, PHD, main camera and see at what point it all goes wrong. I don’t know Voyager but can only suggest you strip out all cables and start from fresh doing one at a time. Many thanks in advance!!! I left the scope covered for the next day.

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If you have not selected to unpark the mount when you connect – then you must unpark it manually.

I’m more inclined to suspect software bugs than humidity, especially with so many USB connections all fighting for Com Ports and squabbling over who has the right to which one! Sign in with Twitter.

When you connect in SGP do you have the Scope selected as here… When you click on the spanner Icon, you should get the following screen: Do you use a USB hub?

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The Temma PC system design is quite straight forward and flexible and should be easily supportable in the future with any needed drivers.


The latest TheSky build is available here.

Exit from the command prompt screen. I cannot show you this…as I have no mount connected to this computer.

That driver was problematic. Both ways give same results The problem is that when I try to make xhuck connection to the mount it gives error. The Temma PC system relies on the polar alignment of the mount for goto accuracy.

Perhaps you are not unparking the mount within SGP…. Just managed to make some tests And it works!!! This Saturday, I was trying to do some imaging.

Previously you had to purchase Software Bisque’s Orchestrate to get this functionality. Most typically the mount must be polar aligned it is generally agreed that Tak polar scopes work very wellthe goto system is then synchronized with one star and that’s it.

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Temma by Takahashi ASCOM Driver

Ample back focus, over mm from the rear cell, has been designed in to permit the user to use a variety of CCD cameras, color filter wheels and electronic focusers or film cameras. This is a free and fully recommended. Moreover, integration of the electronic parts cyuck keeps safely all the fragile elements.

Average power consumption is under 1 Amp at 24V. For more details see the ReadMe file. The pier is filled with volcanic gravel to absorb any vibrations.

The Temma Yemma Protocol: So the next thing to do is to try if dew-heater will fit around the electronics box. It is ideal for the itinerant observers wishing to take advantage of their optical tubes under the best night skies, like for instance TOA refractor or Mewlon reflector.


The EM Temma PC Jr fits this bill primarily because it combines the precision features needed for imaging with light weight needed for portability the head weighs 24 lbs. I had isolated two of the sides of the control box and left two for small ventilation, but if it works after proper dry will isolate the other two sides too If you are interested in any content text or images that appears here you will always need the written consent of the owner of this site -contacting via email.

Connect with Taka Temma EM – Equipment Compatibility – Main Sequence Software

You are in Brilloestelar My equipment – Photographic equipment. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. One ot the pins was de-soldered. The system works in manual correct but when I try to put one target I click in slew and the system doesnt move it.

But 24V is required for their “high speed” slewing support.