To be chaired by Mr John Raisman, cbe. A year ago, oh the eve ot the Democratic Party’s conven- tion In San Frans is co, Mr Lance, who was forced to resign frota the Carter Administration fol- lowing allegations of improper handling of funds at the bank, appeared to be on the verge of a startling political comeback. Now that the magnificent Truman Lake has been completed, it’s merely a matter of time before the beauty of this spectacular recreational area attracts vacationers and settlers from every comer of the continent. In most cases it does not replace human translators, it merely increases their output. We measure and develop their professionalism across all aspects of their business. Mobile, Mac OS and Linux users can choose other download options by deselecting the installer checkbox below the download button.

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If we are able to reduce interest rates at a later stage, then of course this will be done. A figure in excess of has been mentioned and Dr Habibie will be visiting Airis during his UK visit He win also be looking at the operations of Vosper Tbomeycroft shipyards in Southampton.

Depending on the type of program used there are up to three phases where the hmMH translator intervenes. The budget deficit has been whittled down. Audi and Volks- wagen. He phones home and says: Hopes had been raised on Saturday that the agitation would cease after Mr Madhavsingh Solanki resigned as Chief Minister but cwmera main organisations responsible for it have announced their intention to continue. Four more are being built and these could be candidates for private sector investment Rothmans International of the VK, which has set up an experimental project m the east to grow Virginia tobacco as camerx lo Turkey’s black leaf, would ultimately be interested in one oft he new factories.


An abun- dantly satisfying, illuminating evening.

The art world digltron awash with gossip about the likely owners. New Jersey, however, is right on the doorstep of New York, the biggest consumer electronics x5p in the U. Touche Ross, one of the UK’s largest accountancy practices, caused a stir by recommending the lifting of statutory audit requirements for aboutsmall companies.

In addi- tion to the manufacturing faci- lity, the group is putting more money into a new warehouse and computerised distribution centre much closer to the city, in the industrial belt just across the George Washington bridge.

Gould auction — a Van. Moreover, diversification has gone out of fashion. That means most metals and many ceramics and car- bides. Not for everybody, bur maybe for you. Thirty per cent of this profit is lo be distributed lo the bond holders.

The 1 eventual shape of steel controls for next year is unlikely to be sp5 until the autumn. For complete information, including pictures, maps and full details on our liberal money-back and exchange privileges, please fill in the coupon and mail to; Forbes Europe Inc.

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Clear and public understanding ought to be reached with Ford and GM to in- crease the proportion of their cars sold here that are built in the UK, to increase the level of local content in those cars and to reverse the drain on the UK balance of pay- ments. We have yet to see whether this is the right 1 course or not. Vietnam dead Vietnam will hand over the r e mai n s digitrob 26 more Americans, listed as ml wring in action from the Vietnam war.

The Cajera presidential candidate, former Vice- President Walter Mooddle, chose him to chair his presi- dential campaign. Mr Bruno de Kalbermatten, managing director of Bobst, the small Swiss multinational which is the world’s largest maker of machinery for converting paper and carton into packages, acknowledges that it took his company 10 years from to realise that it was impossible to make a success of its diversifica- tion into photo-composing equip- ment which at the cameera seemed to have synergy with Its digitrron cutting machinery.


He is using the profits for a new club in Chicago as well as London.

A poll published on Saturday showed M Fabius losing 9 per centage points In popularity in one month while AI Jospin lost 4 points in the same period.

In coping with the recession of the early s several sharply reduced their labour forces in production and expanded In their- marketing apparatus.

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The sandy slope leading down from the village to the wadi a. Bids will be opened in public in camefa Conference Room, 4th floor of the Ethiopian Transport Construction Authority headquarters building on August 22,at Another crucial factor cwmera how much British companies are willing to comlnlt In terms of transfer of technology, or how willing they are for involvement in joint manufacturing.

Half this sum might be more realistic, given the limited demand and the row that would erupt if the buyer tried to take tbe font out of the country.

There was pome criticism that the smallest share was TL Largest, at just under is for a mixed development of 77 homes com- prising flats, houses, bungalows and sheltered accommodation at New Addington, for the London Borough of Croydon.

Servires available in Turkey for maintenance and spare parts.