This has most certainly been the one of the most interesting, fun, and yet draining ventures I’ve had. Connecting via Bitpim Connect your phone either via Bluetooth or the cable. Pick one that tickles your fancy or you think that you can remember easily, and go ahead and hit “Create. Posted on Dec 9, 3: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I can now edit the program menu, which might come in handy some day. But all credit goes to them, really.

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This has most certainly been the one of the most interesting, fun, and yet draining ventures I’ve had.

Close Bitpim, because this part is done. Neither do LG make any software for Mac owners to allow syncing. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, just sign in with your No-IP account and it should gitpim a smiley face next to your URL. Then I downloaded Bitpim, and when it looked for the phone, it found the proper Bluetooth Serial port info. It took me an entire night trying to get all of this set up for me, mostly trying to unlock that stupid menu, so I’m hoping this guide bitpom provide a little insight.

Does anyone have a suggestion to backup contact on this phone using a Mac? Ev2, assuming you find your way to the Applications page of your router’s config, forward the port from to to your IP which you can find by typing ipconfig into the command prompt. Once the data is uploaded to the Bitpim program you can edit it and make any changes. Well now that that’s over with, let’s finally edit the settings.


Here’s a table of context: I told you to rememebr it.

Importing for backup – LG env2 VX ph… – Apple Community

Feb 21, Install now to protect your privacy. They have to reverse engineer each individual phones communications protocols then incorporate that code into BitPIM every time a new phone comes out. It normally lists everything, from your calendar to contacts and messages to music and wallpapers. I have a feeling it’s more likely that LG engineers just don’t use Macs.

I have no clue what happens if you change the wrong block, so change at your own risk. That is exactly why the SyncML standard was created, so in theory, any device can talk to any other without reverse engineering protocols.

I’m not responsible for any negative consequences that could happen during or after this guide.

Your download is ready! Send it back to your device and Bitpim will ask you whether you want to replace or add the information. Lastly, you can go to Homepage and change it to something else; I highly recommend picking something simple and WAP friendly, like m. I figured out steps practically completely backward.


Then go back and go to Proxy Port Setting and change both the Primary and Secondary Port to if they’re not already set to that.

Suspicious Activity Detected

It actually has alot of uses beyond free wifi on your phone, so I would recommend it. There are actually two service menus that I know of: We’re really almost dnv2 now. If you don’t you’re about to learn a very useful trick; port forwarding is basically telling your router “I want you to reserve this port for only this computer. Do I need a special driver or something?

Dec 9, Correctly process BREW special files. Fire it up and go straight to Settings. The Computer This part is mostly just installing and snv2 software, though a bit of config is needed. I mention this because some steps I’m going to talk about are specific to this model of phone; other phones don’t need to do these steps, and other phones still need biypim do a little more.

A computer Windows, Linux, and Mac!