Cannot use custom screen refresh rates, but card identifies itself as VBE 3. If you are experiencing problems while installing my driver read article below. EXE , pcivka tool s and PCI devices list place them in one directory overwriting existing version of pcidevs. From xx8bit to every resolution which your video card’s BIOS supports. Posted 18 December – I wasn’t aware, however, that there is some hardware in which those issues do not manifest themselves. Posted 17 June –

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Printers, MFP hardware http: I never had any bbearwindows with DOS boxes on any of my hardware with this driver, and key thing is I pretty much only use Ati video cards. Or sign in with one of these services.

Universal Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/2003 video driver

Cannot set native resolutions i. Making portable, USB installation http: Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.


Clear CMOS settings to default or safe. Computer not starts, i. It will be started in debugmode.

[script] Universal Video Driver – bearwindows –

VESA functionality in dos disabled when you start program in windowed mode, 4. Thanks to Holger for his code snippet. Special driver for VirtualBox made by Michal Necasek. Posted February 13, Here you can find some tests and benchmarks which I use to test performance of my driver – [? Secondly, start host PC and execute cmd-file. EXEso I could send you personal driver for your video card by e-mail.

You should answer such questions using Google. This is an optional operation!

VOGONS • View topic – VBEMP (Universal for NT)

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. EXEpcivka tool s and PCI devices list place them in one directory overwriting existing version of pcidevs. Try them if you need to run DOS programs in Windows. Computer starts, but driver is not working properly. I want to use most recent software in Windows In other cases it is limited to xx8bit mode.


Help file “Display and print devices: This step is optional!!! Users browsing this forum: When accessing fullscreen textmode, computer “hangs”.

Posted July 11, edited. Several functions may not work.

Please LC, do elaborate on it This archive also contains 1. MTRR version is somewhat faster.

If target PC univefsal, exit from rterm. I am not affiliate with author s of these programs. They are distributed only by request via e-mail.