The holdoff time is the oscilloscope’s waiting period before starting a new trigger. To avoid dangerous electric shock, do not perform any service unless qualified to do so. Input a waveform 1 Input a waveform to a channel of the oscilloscope. However, the theory assumes there are no frequency components above fMAX fBW in this case and it requires a system with an ideal brick- wall frequency response. With a fixed number of FFT points , the lower the sampling rate, the better the resolution.

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See the warranty information for your model clock here: Index nonvolatile agilwnt locations, Normal acquisition mode, 73 normal adjustment, 44 NTSC standard, agileht, 88 Nyquist frequency, 56 Nyquist sampling theory, 66 O oscilloscope bandwidth, 67 oscilloscope bandwidth required, 70 oscilloscope display, 30 oscilloscope rise time, 69 oscilloscope sample rate, 69 oscilloscope setups, saving and loading, overshoot measurement, overvoltage category, P package contents, 18 PAL standard, 87, 88 parallel cursors, passive probes, 18 pattern trigger, 8.

The ability to record mask test output is especially useful for capturing abnormal waveforms over a long period of time. Load the default oscilloscope setup 20 Step 4. Contents Securing the Oscilloscope 2 Displaying Data 33 35 Using the Horizontal Controls 36 To adjust the horizontal scale 37 To adjust the horizontal position 38 To display the zoomed time base 39 To change the horizontal time base Y-T, X-Y, or Roll To view the sample rate 42 40 Using the Vertical Controls 43 To turn sso1024a on or off channel, math, or reference To adjust the vertical scale 44 To adjust the vertical position 44 To specify channel coupling 45 To specify a bandwidth limit 47 To.


Agklent us what’s missing. Low Frequency Compensation For the supplied passive probes: Page 85 Capturing Data 3 Choosing the Trigger Mode The trigger determines when captured data should be stored and displayed.

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Otherwise, it appears you will need to purchase a replacement sensor: Vpp Peak-to-Peak Voltage Peak- to- peak voltage. Answered on Nov 30, Dso1024z System Characteristics Table 8.

The oscilloscope will not trigger until the holdoff time has expired. The pollution has no influence. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. Some common menu item choices are: Page 94 3 Capturing Data To change the trigger sensitivity Trigger sensitivity specifies the vertical change that must occur in order for a trigger to be recognized.

Page 61 Displaying Data 2 Agilemt display graded waveform intensity While the oscilloscope is running, waveforms show data from multiple acquisitions. Answered on Nov 06, Auto, Normal triggeredsingle Holdoff time: Internal Masks are saved and loaded from oscilloscope internal memory. The [Force] key has no effect if the acquisition is already stopped.

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Page 29 Getting Started 1 Returns to the previous menu in the hierarchy. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! You can cause acquisition data to gradually disappear similar to analog oscilloscopes.


Tell us about it. I believe you will need to have proof of purchase in order agilrnt have the missing temperature sensor replaced under the warranty for the clock.

The frequency counter is not available in the Alternate trigger mode.

Page Making Measurements 4 Making Cursor Measurements You can use the [Cursors] front panel key to select between these cursor measurement modes: Answered on Dec 19, ON The most recent data in the waveform is displayed at the highest intensity, and it gradually disappears over time.

If you use the probe hooktip, ensure a proper connection by firmly inserting the tip onto the probe.

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The margin can be set from 0. Agilent Series Oscilloscope Models 3 Table 2.

Load the default oscilloscope setup You can recall the factory default setup any time you want to return the oscilloscope to its original setup.