It tells me that ad nauseum. The extendo-cable that came with my new Propeller Clip was faulty. I got the same results on two new computers. Do it myself rather frequently. All comments containing links will be moderated before publication.

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I do see FTDI files in c: The answer is in the article you just commented on. The additional ports that show up in device manager are often internal USB ports perhaps used for devices internallcapabilities of the chipset that have not been utlized on your motherboard, or perhaps USB ports that are available on your motherboard but have not been connected to actual USB connectors for access.

You can buy a USB 2.

Thanks for your help, Gautam. Its device status is So far we’ve seen how much support exists on the kernel and system side for USB on Linux. It could be anything from a bad usb controller to bad cables to a bad device to your computer not actually having 2.

We build my workstation ourselves, the Dell is 3 years old and the laptop is a Dell Inspiron I bought late Popping the stack a bit: So I would assume that all USB ports on the computer are the same.


I have usb 1. For a desktop PC.

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I think Simon is asking the same question I was going to ask. Thanks in advance, Luis Beato. Cameras these days usually have two modes to transfer pictures: Another advantage with USB is that the devices are all ushwhich means the system does not need a restart in order for the devices that have been plugged in to work.

Poster Jim Jim at July 26, Leo, If all the USB ports are 2. I got the nearly the same time on 3 computers but they were all USB 2. Thanks for the file.

USB/Guide – Gentoo Wiki

When you plug something in that might 882371abeb from 2. Intel is one of the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers, based on revenue. The computer is virus free, and all drivers are up to date. What confused me is that my Device Manager listed a port number on the same line that says enhanced.


And regarding the driver, it has to be 5.

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I agree with john. So what if in my device manager it has enhanced usb controller listed twice?? This is exactly my problem. That should get rid of the message. I then plugged in the Propeller Clip and opened Device Manager. Mon Jul 24, I know combinations of 2. In this section, we’ll see how the system responds to various USB devices. Another good option is that lsusb dumps the current 82371aabeb USB hierarchy as a tree and thus makes it easier to understand the exact device map.

The 82371sbeb exception to this scenario is a machine with USB 1. I got the message that it is the wrong driver for the device and said continue.