Featuring an improved design with decoupling capacitors to reduce signal noise, [10] altered ASIC power distribution and re-timed the whole GPU chip, which resulted in a slight increase in die size but overall much better stability at high clock rates and a higher default clock. The internal ring bus from the R and R has been replaced by the combination of a crossbar and an internal hub. In my opinion, you should go with a newer model card though. That could have been all drivers, ATI included, I don’t remember exactly. I seem to remember the ATI card had to be in the first slot to get it to work. If you try to run Boinc as a service it fails to find the GPU’s This is the only thing I can think of that would throw this error message.

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Mac Pro “Quad Core” 2. The PCIe version series products do not require external power connectors. Hopefully he’ll look in to this thread and may have some idea’s for you ID: As to why the kernels aren’t being compiled, do you have any idea why that is?

The free and open-source “Radeon” graphics driver supports most of the features implemented into the Radeon line of GPUs. I asked if this is a problem, but have received no answer yet No it’s not possible to run as a service in Win opecnl and Vista I think because of the way sandboxing is implemented.


I asked if this is a problem, but have received no answer yet. I only asked because Raistmer mentioned something in the other thread regarding privileges for the OpenCL applications. Diogenes Of Sinope ID: Mobility Radeon HD Series.

Radeon HD Series.

I happened to be asleep at the time. This does require an external power connector. Yes, I’m using the service install and it’s worked fine for all the other applications, so alas, that first thread doesn’t really help. Any idea when AMD will fix this?

Sorry Wedge, got caught up with other things, as in the other thread it seems 480 rough geuss from the error you are getting the application doesn’t have access to the. The RV retains the R’s 4 Quad ROP cluster count, however, they are faster and now have dedicated hardware-based AA resolve in addition to the shader-based resolve of the R architecture. It would be most appreciated, even if it doesn’t work out in the end.

Support is available for Microsoft Windows at release, for Linux with Catalyst 8.

How to Enable OpenCL Support on NVIDIA and AMD Platforms | Geeks3D

At first, I thought that the mix of cards might be an issue, but at least one other volunteer reports that this is not an issue, at least on Windows 7 x Keep in mind also, that the newer 7xxx series it is much more optimized for GPU computations than both the 5xxx and 6xxx series closing much of the gap with NVIDIA cards. I misread the error messages: MacBook Air “Core 2 Duo” 2.


For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac. Sorry not everyone jumped when you posted. So yes, I’m running on an administrator-level account. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As of Julyother operating systems are not officially supported.

How to Enable OpenCL Support on NVIDIA and AMD Platforms

The packs million transistors, and uses GDDR5 memory on a bit bus. This is about stability of ATI’s compiler.

The foundation chip, codenamed RVwas opdncl and demonstrated on June 16, as part of the FireStream and Cinema 2.

I think it could also be motherboard related.

OpenCL on Apple imac with ATI Radeon HD is badly broken

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Are you using the Protected Application Execution service install? So, a newer card 5xxx and higher is a lot better. I’m sure someone will correct me on that if I am wrong.