I specify source Post by Theodore Kilgore I assume that the specialists on the spca cameras will step forward. Press and hold the power button, connect the USB cable then release the button. This potentially shatters my previous remarks about significance of using a correct parameter file when uploading bin files. Txibit from Spain received a 8 from eBay Yessshop. About 38 MB per minute video.

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webcam Bruneau DV

No guarantee that you will get what somebody got. They have been shipping 9. I can only assume that it may correspond to other versions too, that’s if anyone else tries to download the firmware, but if they do, at least they will know what Resx0 file relates to 128.

It is unknown how to unbrick a 6 camera because it does not have shorting points on the circuit board. It is unknown if it will work for all 3 cameras. Originally Posted by jarthurs. It would probably be better to 152 a new camera.

Many of the USB cables that come with these cameras 04gc bad. Run the EXE file one time. General still camera device, Sunplusmmbulk I am asked for a folder name for the download files. Allan received a 3 from eBay eletoponline Do you have source code for the 3 Camera?



I’ve just spent the last 6 hrs working on this problem and i can truthfully i am utterly overjoyed at my results. It is a new version of 3. Seb received a 3 from eBay power-gps. Any questions please feel free to contact us. If ALL 3 have the same hardware then the It doesn’t work with my current kernel version. Thanks for your understanding. Glass infrared blocking filter.

Download and install Sunplus SPCA1528 Still Camera Device driver

I am not being paid for any mention or promotion. The camera stopped recording at seconds 52 min14 sec and Bytes Roger had a bricked camera. The sale listing claims 3. I have done some more research with irfanview on the firmware files and discovered that they all have hidden under the fonts a triangle with a exclamation mark inside it. I found 004fc resistors, that seem to be resposible for setting the battery voltage detection.

His cameras were shipped from Florida. I have a faulty gum camera which has the same exact hardware as the 3.


K S received a 3 camera from eBay seller enjoy-secret. Sometimes, the 4 camera and the gumpack camera have the same electronics. A little too sharp actually with pop like crackle feedback at louder voice or sounds. Philip Nelson of Australia OK to email him at philip whatsbeef.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #3

Delivered from China to California in 7 days. High video quality, Similar to the 3 and 6 camera. After using your camera as a webcam, you always have to reset it. He was able to read the firmware from each camera and write it back into the same camera, but not able to write different firmware into the cameras.